Launch of the SS-SCSD Asia Pacific Committee

Hong Kong, April 13, 2014

Dignitaries, including ambassadors, government and United Nations officials, joined together with elite members of the private sector to commemorate the launch of a new initiative under the guidance of the South-South Steering Committee for Sustainable Development (SS-SCSD): the SS-SCSD Asia-Pacific Committee.

The initiative will serve to facilitate public-private partnerships and to provide financial platforms, processes, and channels for capacity building and sustainable economic development. It was launched in support of the efforts of the United Nations member states and the implementation of the UN Millennium Development Goals in various developing regions throughout the world.

The launching ceremony followed the successful completion of the High-Level Forum on South-South Cooperation, ICT and Financing for Sustainable Development, where officials gathered together with members of the private sector to interface, share best practices and ideas, and ultimately continue the successful work of the South-South Steering Committee for Sustainable Development: promoting economic growth, social progress, and sustainable development for the Global South.